A few of the high points on why I like UTWIF


  1. Easy – Just order water instead of soda or alcohol with the meals you get at a restaurant, and leave the tag when you pay your bill.
  2. Ongoing – Unlike most protests that end at the end of the day, with UTWIF you can make your voice heard every time you eat out.
  3. Quantifiable – You not ordering a drink for a meal may not seem like much, but at the end of the week,  month, or year restaurant owners will be able to tally their tickets from all their customers and see what kind of impact cannabis supporters have on their business.
  4. Conversation Starter – If you’re eating a meal with someone, using the ticket with them can be an easy way to start a conversation about legalization in a non-confrontational way.
  5. Cheap – A sheet of tags can be downloaded for free and printed on a color printer at your local print shop for about a dollar. This gives you 16 chances to protest. No beer and soda saves you money. Consider whatever money you save to someone like  Robert Platshorn at The Silver Tour. Mr. Platshorn is really doing good stuff.
  6. Distributed – Because its a free file download, anyone can participate and protest, even if there’s no organized protests or organization directing your protest.
  7. Equitable — If weed’s not legal, maybe our consumption of alcohol and caffeine should be looked at a bit more closely.
  8. Discrete — No drones hovering over your head. No cops taking pictures of you at the legalization rally.
  9. Legal — You don’t need to smoke any weed, use any paraphernalia, or even like cannabis.
  10. Healthy — It keeps excess calories away and doesn’t hurt  your liver.
I included my non-drink ticket with my payment

Show your support for legalization by non-drinking today!


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