Our Favorite Activists

We generally think that the most potent form of activism comes through commercial means, i.e. voting with your dollars by withdrawing support from those who benefit most from cannabis prohibition, but there are many activists who have done great things through more traditional means. We use this page to highlight some of those activists and urge you to consider taking the money you save by not consuming alcohol and soda, and sending it to one of these activists, so that they can continue what they are already doing, and expand their existing support base.

Platshorn1Robert Platshorn

Mr. Platshorn runs The Silver Tour, and has an activist presence on facebook. In his earlier days, Mr. Platshorn was an active and prolific marijuana smuggler. Eventually he got caught by the feds and did twenty nine years in federal prison. Platshorn has now turned his efforts to educating his peers (senior citizens) on the benefits of medical marijuana. We like Robert Platshorn because he is actively picking the lowest hanging fruit in the potential medical marijuana community, senior citizens. Seniors need medicine, they vote, and a lot of them like to raise hell when they feel they are getting shafted by the system. As more and more of them discover the benefits of cannabis, they are becoming more active in ways that may seem initially apparent.

Donations can be made to the Silver tour at the support page of the Silver Tour’s website: http://thesilvertour.org/support-silver-tour


rb Russ Belville:

Better known as Radical Russ, Mr. Belville has run a marijuana-themed internet-radio talk show for the better part of the last decade. If you don’t support legalization in some form or another, we challenge you to listen to his show for 30 days, and tell us that you still don’t support it when you’re done. He has compelling commentary from many viewpoints and gives a louder voice to many others in the marijuana community.

You can make donations of various sizes through the Paypal link on the front page of radicalruss.com.




Tvert-350x261Mason Tvert:

How do you get enough signatures and votes to not only legalize marijuana in a state (Colorado), but do it through a constitutional amendment? We have no idea, but apparently Mason Tvert does, as he managed to heard enough cannabis-supporting Coloradans together to make that happen. Mr. Tvert currently works as communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Donations to MPP can be made here: http://www.mpp.org/donating/


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